Breathable panels

Electric suction cup lift suitable for all non-breathable panels


  • Structure with electrical 0°-90° pendulum movement which allows for operating in a less demanding manner;
  • Operates with an on board electrical pump;
  • 220V single-phase 50 Hz power supply or 380V tri-phase 50 h (the client’s choice);
  • UPS rescuer on board which intervenes in the event of an emergency, avoiding detachment of the material from the vacuum lifter functioning at 220V single-phase 50 Hz.
  • Electrical equipment for correct operation of the vacuum lifter
  • Standard seals made of rubberised fabric and mousse, suitable for smooth surfaces
  • Suction plates made out of highly stress-proof steel with top quality materials;
    Acoustic and visual alarm system which automatically notifies of an insufficient supply level of compressed air, with autonomous operation using rechargeable batteries and supplied with the appropriate battery charger;
  • Central handle on which are located the controls for gripping and releasing the material.


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