Special Equipment

Elephant is able to study and solve optimally any specific demand, by providing a standard implant customization service or design of customizedsolutions based on requirements or particular requests, in order to ensure maximum functionality and efficiency of the system.

Our qualified technical staff will plan small or big customizations to machinery existing in the catalog, customizing wholly or partly the standard design.

The sales division is joined, if needed, by a design engineer, in order to propose the more suitable solution for the customer’s business, providing advice both in cranes and suction cups design.

Indeed Elephant is able to realize complete systems while also providing suitable solutions to lifting needs by supplying of adequate support.

Customizations of the Frame

  • Customization for size, number and settings of the suction cups;
  • Customization of the control handle with lengths and positions;
  • Realisation of special frames for use with forklift trucks;
  • Customization of the frame movements based on the processing needs.

Customization for Suction Cups

  1. High temperature suction cups
  2. Suction cups for special items and materials that require a dedicated study for form or consistency
  3. High number of suction cups for irregular objects with several gripping points
  4. Special suction cups for curved surfaces (eg. aircraft)
  5. Suction cups for irregular surfaces such as grain of rice or orange peel
  6. Variazione delle dimensioni delle ventose
  7. Adjustable tilt suction cups
  8. Suction cups with interchangeable pads for various applications

Customization for Cranes

  1. Customization of length and size of the arms
  2. Possibility to request the articulated arm to optimize the movements
  3. Customizing the height of the column
  4. Floor fixing customization
  5. Evaluation of preexisting columns and pillars
  6. Possibility to request manual or electrical movements
  7. Customization of the controls (integrated buttons, remote control, remote operation, integrated management into existing panels )

Other Personalization

All under hook accessories such as clamps, brackets, chains, etc… can be tailored to specific needs, the project will provide “non-standard grips” if requested