Autonomous system Powered by rechargeable batteries

Ideal on any lifting system where there aren't energy sources

The autonomous system allows the use of the vacuum lifter on any lifting system or where there aren’t Energy sources. It works with autonomous 24 Volt d.c. electric pump unit powered by batteries, all installed on the vacuum lifter structure.
Economizer system to optimize the duration of the batteries and reduce the wear of the pumping unit.
The autonomous system is suitable for all the standard vacuum lifter powered by electricity
The autonomous vacuum lifter for marble is composed by:

  • Vacuum gauge with graduated and coloured scale to more easily monitor the degree of vacuum;
  • Functioning by an electric pump mounted onthe unit powered by rechargeable batteries.
  • Economizer system that switches off the pump once the preset values have been reached and  switches it on again when the vacuum  falls below the safety threshold (this is to have a greater autonomy of the vacuum lifter).
  • Electrical box on which there is a selector to start and stop the pump and a voltmeter that indicates the charge level of the batteries.
  • Automatic battery charger (included)
  • Rubber pad composed of rubberized fabric and mousse suitable for stone slabs with polished, semi-finished rough or  bush-hammered surfaces;
  • High-limit yielding steel suction pad made of first quality materials.
  • No-falling non-return valve for vacuum;
  • Sliding valve to control gripping and releasing of the material with safety block against involuntary manoeuvres;
  • Ample safety tank in aluminium for vacuum reserve, to guarantee gripping even when there is a power cut and with condensation discharge valve;
  • Acoustic and visual alarm system which automatically signals a low vacuum degree. It works autonomously by means of rechargeable batteries. It comes supplied with the appropriate battery charger at 220 Volt;
  • Manoeuvring handle for the operator.


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