About us

Our history

Elephant’s history has rich origins of traditions, although its official birth dates back to 1979, when it began its activities to solveproblems related to the handling of materials in industrial and artisanal field.

Today, thanks to the passion and dynamism of the owners and the professionalism of the technical staff, Elephant has taken a progressive path in the production process, aiming to product innovation and the improvement of services to customers, thereby achieving a substantial increase in productioneven through the acquisition of technologically advanced equipmentand the expansion of the company.

Such experience gained over the years, along with the gradual development of the company in lifting and handling sectors, made possible to Elephant the construction of over 70,000 systems deployed worldwide.

In the production of  jib cranes and vacuum lifters, Elephant is able to offer to the customers an adequate response to specific requests of handling any type of load.

Our Staff

Our technical staff is skilled and qualified, and creates custom prototypes targeted on specific customer requests, providing answers to the many and various needs of automation and production in many fields.

It also offers guaranteed continued assistance and the possibility of finding spare parts if necessary. The study and the attention given to research of materials, new technologies, production processes and ever more pressing working rhythms, have allowed the creation of a new range of suction cups with more and more elements of functionality and, at the same time, of aesthetics.


All our products are provided with EC Declaration of Conformity in compliance to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC