Non-breathable panels

Electric suction cup lift suitable for all non-breathable panels


  • Vacuum gauge with graduated and coloured scale for ease of monitoring the vacuum level; Operates with an electrical pump incorporated in the structure (on board the machine).
    220V single-phase 50 Hz power supply or 380V tri-phase 50 Hz on request;
  • Rapid blocking/unblocking device for longitudinal adjustment of the plates and with 0°-90° orientation adjustment by sliding action;
  • Standard seals made of rubberized fabric and mousse, suitable for smooth, shot and hammered surfaces. Suction plates made in highly stress-proof steel with top quality materials;
  • Possibility of exclusion of plates with tap;
  • Vacuum anti-drop retention valve;
  • Slide valve for controlling the grip and release of material with safety block against involuntary actions;
  • Ample safety tank for vacuum reserve, in aluminium, for guaranteeing the grip even with a power supply failure, also with condensation discharge tap;
  • Acoustic and visual alarm system which automatically notifies of an insufficient level of vacuum, with autonomous operation using rechargeable batteries and supplied with the appropriate battery charger;


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