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Vitrum 2017

03 – 06 October 2017

Hall 5 Stand M30/N21

Elephant awaits you at the international VITRUM fair in Milan at its own stand:


Marmomacc 2017

27 – 30 September 2017

Hall 5 Stand F4

Elephant awaits you at the international MARMOMACC fair in Verona, at its own stand: HALL 5, STAND F4


Lifting and moving units, cranes and vacuum lifters

Are you seeking a solution for lifting or moving?
Have you a specific need related to your industrial sector?
Do you expect well-informed support which improves your daily work?

The Elephant company has been on the market for over 35 years with a huge range of products for lifting and moving. The vast experience of its founders allows them to study and resolve every specific requirement in an optimal manner, guaranteeing high standards of quality, maximum functionality of the units and the designing of personalized systems for various movement requirements.

Elephant boasts a substantial production of Jib Cranes, Vacuum Lifters for hoists, suspended systems, accessories, bridge cranes and any configuration of complete plant for lifting and moving required by the industrial sector.

The main applications of our units are:


The vacuum lifters for moving cut stones in general (smooth slabs or part dressed, fired, bush hammered) are made up of one or more plates depending on the size of the slabs to be moved and with a capacity varying from 80 g to 200 kg.

The vacuum lifters for cut stones allow for tipping the slabs from 0° to 90°, manually or with a pneumatic piston.

Each vacuum lifter can be manufactured to measure or personalized according to the specific requirements of the client.

For particular requests, consult SPECIAL UNITS.

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For lifting and moving glass, we design vacuum lifters with two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, fourteen and sixteen plates, with a capacity varying from 200 to 1200 kg.

Vacuum lifters for glass are available for internal use, for worksites or workshops, as well as vacuum lifters for the laying of external glass and continuous facades. Furthermore, it is possible to configure vacuum lifters with manual or automatic movements and with differing types of power supply.

Amongst the lifting and moving devices for glass, we make clamps for sheets of flat, bonded or stratified multi-layered glass.

The clamps are not suitable for glass panels with textured, impressed, gibbous or processed surfaces.

All our devices and units for glass handling are functional and complete, with many very useful details to render movement and laying operations of glass sheets simple and securefor the operators.

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For moving and lifting glass sheets, we design vacuum lifters which, due to the suction generated by a vacuum pump, allows for a rapid and manageable grip.

The vacuum lifters for moving glass sheets are made up of four, six, eight or more suction plates, adjustable both longitudinally and horizontally, with capacities ranging from 250 to 1500 kg.

The vacuum pump can be powered with electricity or with compressed air and, furthermore, the vacuum tank guarantees the safety of the grip even in the event of an unforeseen loss of power to the vacuum pump.

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We design various models of vacuum lifters for the wood sector.

Our suction cup is a lifting accessory which allows for a rapid and manageable grip for the lifting and movement of laminated panels, particle board, beams and tiles.

Depending on the dimensions of the material to be moved, the vacuum lifters for wood are made up of one or two vacuum plates which might be fixed horizontally or through angles of 0-90°.

The vacuum lifters are equipped with a central handle, with controls installed for gripping or releasing the material, allowing for a single person to produce rapid and simple movements in absolute safety.

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To move sandwich and insulated panels, it is useful to make use of vacuum lifters, their being valid instruments for lifting and moving panels for the laying manoeuvres.

Furthermore, it is possible to use sling bars with vacuum lifters to increase productivity and speed up the laying times, at the same time avoiding damage to the panels.

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Elephant creates complete units for lifting and moving, each system is personalize-able and is researched and designed on the requirements of the company.

We make various supports, amongst which:

  1. Jib cranes, pillar or wall mounted
  2. Pillar or wall mounted jib cranes with electrical or manual rotatione
  3. Jib cranes with hinged arm
  4. Manual suspended units with channelled profiles
  5. Suspended electric bridge cranes
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All units created by Elephant are supplied with EC declarations of conformity with user and maintenance manual according to current applicable regulations.