Fixed horizontal solutions

Suitable for all types of panels with both smooth and irregular surfacesAdaptée à toutes les typologies de panneaux aussi bien avec surface lisse qu'irrégulière

Vacuum lifter for moving and installing panels for roofing and walls with double vacuum circuit:
– sandwich panels in polyurethane, in fibre material, in glass wool;
– sandwich panels with smooth, corrugated sheeting, micro-corrugated, tiled, undulating;

suction cups with easily changeable perimetric ring seals and able to close on irregular surfaces
plates mounted on sprung supports to absorb the impact of the suction cup with the load to be lifted, and allow for a grip on panels even when they are not positioned perfectly flat,
plates supplied with shut-off tap,
Frame made in highly stress-proof steel with top quality materials,
Structure frame fixed to the horizontal,
suction plates arranged in removable cross,
operation: Electrical pumping unit, self-powered by rechargeable batteries
DOUBLE economiser system which turns the pump off at the established vacuum level and re-starts it when it drops below the safety level (this in order to have greater autonomy of the vacuum lifter)
Electrical panel on which are arranged a selector for starting and stopping the pump and a volt meter to indicate the battery charge levels
DOUBLE vacuum gauge with graduated and coloured scale for ease of monitoring the level of vacuum,
DOUBLE vacuum filter with transparent container and filter cartridge in stainless steel,
DOUBLE anti-drop non-return valve for vacuum,
DOUBLE safety circuit: Acoustic and visual alarm system which automatically notifies of an insufficient level of vacuum, with autonomous operation
DOUBLE safety tank for vacuum reserves to guarantee a grip even with an electrical failure, with condensation discharge tap,


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