Spare parts for vacuum lifter for marble slabs

Spare parts for vacuum lifter

In this page you will find the most common spare parts for the vacuum lifters.

  1. Vacuum gauge
  2. Sliding valve
  3. Silencer
  4. Pressure reducer
  5. Venturi meter
  6. Non-return valve
  7. Vacuum filter
  8. Coil cable
  9. Alarm system with battery charger
  10. Band
  11. Vacuostat economizer
  12. Steel pad
  13. Steel counter-pad
  14. Gasket (rubberized fabric and mousse)
  15. Suction cup complete with support
  16. Fittings
  17. Diamond point rubber

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any manutention request or any other spare part for your vacuum lifter.



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