Mobile Gantry crane


Elephant designs and produces portable gantry cranes; particularly versatile units which have the distinction of being mobile as they rest on four rotating wheels.

The mobile gantry crane does not move on fixed wheels, but is supported, on both sides, on end wheels which allow for ease of movement.


Aluminum Gantry Crane

The aluminum gantry crane, with its reduced weight, guarantees a rapid, efficient, practical and secure movement of the load. Its particular structure allows for it being easily assembled and dis-assembled, in order to answer to the most varied of space requirements.

The portable aluminium gantry crane is equipped with foldable lateral supports and handles which govern the adjustments in height and width. The castor wheels are equipped with brakes for blocking during the lifting and moving operations.

With the standard product, the crane reaches a maximum height of 4 mt and a capacity of not greater than 2000 kg.

Given its particular configuration, this crane is particularly suitable for workshop or site use, for road maintenance operations and all external uses.

The matched hoist can be manual or electric depending on requirements, but for frequent external works, the manual hoist is recommended. The transfer trolley on the bridge is always manual.



Portable Gantry Crane in iron

The portable gantry crane in iron is suitable for moving even heavy loads: indeed, compared with the aluminium version, these are not easily dis-assembled and reach a standard capacity of 5000 kg.

It is recommended for those sites, such as workshops and work-sites, in which it may be necessary to move the crane to various working positions.

The gantry crane in iron is made up of a main beam with two legs at the sides and castor wheels; it supports either a manual trolley or an electric one, and furthermore offers the possibility of fixing in a permanent manner at the centre.

Being systems which are also often used outside, the use of manual hoists is to be preferred as they require no connections to an electricity supply, but rather are only chain operated. These hoists are very compact and light, with a high mechanical return and very low maintenance.



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