Portable gantry crane in iron Portable Gantry Cranes not demountable

Suitable for handling heavy loads

The Elephant portable gantry cranes in steel are suitable for those situations with no requirement to dismantle and transport the gantry crane to various yards.

They are supplied complete with:

  • sides in box section tubing
  • crosspiece in IPE section
  • vulcolan castor wheels
  • painted with anti-rust treatment and two coats of enamel
  • complete with EC declaration of conformity with standards
  • available with manual or electric trolley

Technical data sheet


ModelloPortata (Kg)Altezza (H) (mm)Scartamento (S) (mm)
GP0500 3×350030003000
GP0500 4×440004000
GP0500 5×550005000
GP1000 3×3100030003000
GP1000 4×440004000
GP1000 5×550005000
GP2000 3×3200030003000
GP2000 4×440004000
GP2000 5×550005000
GP3000 3×3300030003000
GP3000 4×440004000
GP3000 5×550005000


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