GP14VC Vacuum lifter with 7+7 suction cups

Vacuum lifter for insulating glass in vertical position


  • Lifting capacity kg. 1200
  • N. 7+7  suction cups Ø 300 mm of which  N. 7 movable by means of pistons with automatic opening/closing;
  • Suction cups made of oil resistant vulcanized rubber on aluminum support;
  • Suction cups mounted on sliding supports  to cushion the impact of the vacuum lifter with the load to be lifted;
  • Opening  of suction cups: 0÷100 mm;
  • Vertical fixed structure;
  • High-limit yielding steel frame structure made of first quality material;
  • Single power supply:380 Volt three phase 50 HZ or 220 Volt single phase 50 Hz (to be specified at order);
  • Electrical equipment with switch and plug;
  • Quiet and compact electric pump unit mounted on the structure;
  • Vacuum filter with transparent tank and filter cartridge in stainless steel;
  • Security circuit: acoustic and visual alarm system which automatically signals a low vacuum degree. It works autonomously by means of rechargeable batteries. It comes supplied with the appropriate battery charger at 220 Volt single phase;
  • Safety tank for vacuum reserve, to guarantee the gripping even when there is a power cut and with condensation discharge valve;
  • No-falling non-return valve for vacuum;
  • Vacuum gauge with graduated and coloured scale to more easily monitor the degree of vacuum;
  • Central suspension hook;
  • Double central handle provided with controls for seizing and releasing goods and opening/closing of the movable suction cups;

Technical data sheet


Capacity1200 Kg
N. Suction cups7+7
Suction cups  Ø300 mm
MovementsFixed in vertical position



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