PNT4RP Ventosa a 4 piastreVentouse à 4 plaques

Adatta alla movimentazione di pannelli MDF di medie dimensioni con spessori medi


  • N.4 suction cups;
  • Suction cups mounted on sliding supports  to cushion the impact of the vacuum lifter with the load to be lifted and to permit adhesion on  sheets metal that are not perfectly flat;
  • Bigger vacuum tube;
  • High-limit yielding steel frame made of first quality materials;
  • Fixed central beam with N. 2 cross-positioned tubes with longitudinal adjustment;
  • Longitudinal and transversal adjustment;
  • Structure with 0-90° pneumatic tilting;
  • Continuous vacuum pump powered by compressed air;
  • New double silencers;
  • Vacuum gauge with graduated and coloured scale to more easily monitor the degree of vacuum;
  • Powered by a powerful and quiet vacuum generator.
  • Air consumption 6/7 Bar;
  • Operating pressure 500 l/min in total;
  • Acoustic and visual alarm system which automatically signals a low vacuum degree. It works autonomously by means of rechargeable batteries and it is supplied with the appropriate battery charger;
  • Manoeuvring handle for the operator with the gripping and release commands
  • Central suspension hook.

Scheda tecnica


Portata200 Kg
Diametro piastre Ø250 mm
Movimenti0-90° pneumatic tilting



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